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Majority rule works

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005 — [The following is a letter to the editor in response to the "Purple Politics" article. Isn't it great to get everyone talking?!?!]


In an effort to convert our blue-red polarized intransigence into a symphony of purple compromise, Nancy McGaraghan (Weekly, Feb. 23) suggests that just staying "light on our feet" sparked by a "healthy spontaneity" can break the log jam while liberating us from America's obdurate resistance to compromise and progress -- as if in fact such a melody of thought ever worked in the past.

Might I submit we're polarized because many of the public issues past and present have only two sides, both irreconcilable and almost always hot to the touch. For example, how does "healthy spontaneity" resolve the abortion issue? Perhaps a desired middle ground is "okay, but only if within 24 hours." Or, how about slavery? "Okay, but not on weekends." Or, how about polygamy? Maybe "don't' ask, don't tell" will do the trick.

What lambent bit of wisdom do we employ when resolving the issue of euthanasia? Somehow the middle ground here has the patient still breathing but forever unconscious.

Oh, yes Nancy, how would your Moderate Middle citizenry have solved the issue of prohibition? Perhaps a little water-downed gin might have done the trick. Well before suffocating you with myriad examples, isn't it quite enough to say majority rule -- often dogmatic and partisan -- is the answer?

While it is often tough to maintain the bright and eupeptic outlook, majority rule and its often harsh finality is simply the price that free people must pay. Call for a vote, Nancy, and forget that "healthful spontaneity."

Leonard Ware
University Avenue
East Palo Alto